Swarovski Optik

I recently developed and implemented an online asset stock control web based application for Swarovski Optik’s which enabled them to:

  • Add/edit/archive stock, customers, locations and users.
  • Keep track of all their stock across various locations.
  • Administer hierarchical based user groups and roles.
  • Check in and check out of stock to clients.
  • Digital signature signing and printing.
  • Online dynamic dispatch notes.
  • Reporting on various data across the entire system.
  • Complete dynamic site activity auditing.

The system was developed using PHP, JQuery and AJAX with a mySQL database backed and superseded a multiple Excel spreadsheet that the staff used to compare against at the end of each week.

It was hosted on a secure platform using SSL with daily automated backups and support.

If you would like a demo running on my development server, then please get in touch.  Please also contact me should you require any further information on an online asset stock control web based application for your company.