Software Development

I have extensive rounded experience rooted in the commercial software development in the digital signage (DOOH), digital media and IT industries, working in the Health, Retail, Military, Construction, Transport and Events sectors.

Throughout my career, I have gained comprehensive rounded experience and proven commercial application in the following platforms:

  • Visual Studio (Including VB.NET, ASP.NET),
  • Scala Script (Digital signage platform),
  • HTML and CSS,
  • PHP,
  • Javascript,
  • JQuery,
  • mySQL,
  • Microsoft SQL,
  • Microsoft Access,
  • Visual Basic 6,
  • VBA for Applications,
  • WordPress (Bespoke themes, plugins and functionality),
  • Machine code (Mainly 68000).

An additional skill I’ve always had is to understand other programming languages “on-the-fly”, and other people’s work, and develop on-top of these to achieve a required goal as required.