Rambert – TfL Feed

Rambert is a touring contemporary dance company based on the South Bank, London.

A new Scala digital signage installation at Rambert featured a video wall and reception screen.  As part of the Scala content loop on the reception screen, Rambert wanted to feature real time London Underground tube information.  This was achieved by using the TfL module I have developed.  In addition to this module was some additional bespoke developed which allowed Rambert to put their own messages at the bottom of the TfL status through the Scala Content Manager.

The feed is updated in real-time offering up to date London Underground tube network information with useful messages added by Rambert.

The TfL feed product is available as an online JPG or Media RSS feed updated every 10 minutes showing the latest TfL line information.  Please get in touch to discuss pricing and deployment options.

“It was a pleasure working with John on a digital screen project, and the final result was exactly what we wanted. Professional yet friendly is always a winner.”