Legacy Development Platforms

Time moves on, and at an increasingly rapid pace, especially in IT and computing.  However, adopting the latest software platform is not always the recommended, or affordable, route for companies.  I have over 20 years experience in commercial general IT, Computing and development which gives me a pool of experience to draw from.

I wrote my first game at the age of 7 on my first home computer, the BBC Micro, and continued to develop on the Atari ST using 68000 assembler language into my teens and now more recently in the recent retro revival, visiting parties across the EU.  This unforgiving development platform gave me the perfect foundation to move onto the following platforms on the PC:-

  • Visual Basic 6,
  • ANSI C,
  • VBScript,
  • dBase,
  • Macromedia Flash,
  • Macromedia Director,
  • BATch file scripts.

I continue to support and develop for customers still running VBA6 based systems, such as Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Access.  More currently, I can also develop in Microsoft Visual Studio, including VB.NET, MSSQL and ASP.NET.

The requirement for scripted BATch files and Powershell scripts does still occur quite regularly, especially when developing with older APIs and automated procedures, such as legacy Scala digital signage and database platforms.