Google Services

When developing web sites, I think it is imperative to understand and appreciate Google search engine optimisation, analyse the site’s performance with Google Analytics and promote through Google+ Local and Google AdWords using tools such as Google Webmaster Tools.

Without essential information gathered by Google Analytics, how will you understand the parts of your web site that are working for your business, and the other pages that may need attention to attract the correct type of user.

I can offer a one stop shop for email and web site hosting, backup, consultancy, web design, web development, web promotion, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), online marketingsocial media marketing and software development with my own commercial experience of running my own companies.

For over 25 years, I have been undertaking these services myself, so you will always be dealing with me on all aspects.

Case Study

I worked with a leading roofing company re-developing their web site and marketing their business through Google AdWords with Google Analytics. I monitored and analysed their online presence and undertook a series of successful Google AdWords campaigns.

Through proven reporting of my work, within a year, they were hitting over 2000 relevant local web site visitors per month and employed over 10 new employees with work booked up for 3-4 months in advance.