Dover Castle Illumination

Dover Castle was wrapped in a series of dramatic projections that stunned English Heritage’s guests and the media alike.  On one of the massive 35 metre walls of the Great Tower, the interactive canvas software controlled by Bluetooth wand was premiered.

The software I worked on, turns any structure into a giant blank canvas on which anyone, using a combination of digital paintbrushes and stamps, can quickly create the most fantastic technicolour images.  The interactive software is an interactive painting package using mathematical equations to produce stunning visual effects.

The visual effects developed range from simple printing, “painting by numbers” graphic revealing, stamps, dripping paint, spray can and so on.

I part developed the interactive software package using a Java based platform.  In particular, I developed the dripping paint and stamp tool algorithms as seen on the right in the YouTube clip.

Publications and PR

This ground breaking project was featured in The Guardian and the BBC News.