Captive Media

From 2011, I have been working with Captive Media Ltd on the world’s first fully interactive, networked, digital signage washroom gaming system.

The revolutionary BroadSign based digital signage system has already been installed at The Exhibit Bar, Balham (see image below) and TaBouche bar, Cambridge and across the UK, USA and the world.

My involvement in the project included:-

  • Installation, maintenance and support of the digital signage network.
  • Various updates and consultancy on their company web site.
  • Digital signage consultant to Captive Media Ltd.
  • Holding training and demonstration sessions.
  • Creating specified playlists, ensuring digital signage platform functionality fulfilment.
  • Liaising with the technical partners on software and hardware requirements.
  • Understanding and conveying the functionality of the digital signage platform.
  • General digital signage operations, systems and functionality consultation.
  • Creating a master disk image for cloning future installations.
  • General technical guidance and digital signage consultancy.

Technologies and skills

  • On-site survey and installation of bespoke digital signage unit.
  • Remote and on-site support.
  • PHP and WordPress in updating their company web site.
  • Effective time management in keeping to a site visit schedule.
  • Networking diagnosis for connecting on-site system to existing IT infrastructure.