Captive Media – Syndicated XML Content

Captive Media wanted to utilise existing online syndicated XML or RSS news feeds to dynamically create and display visual content items as part of the content loop for their digital signage network. An XML feed is a file of structured data that is frequently updated.

I developed a web based solution that processed the news items (text and pictures) of any XML feed. It was able to display the latest stories from the XML or RSS feed as dynamic screen content that could be included into any digital signage platform, that support web page integration.

All components of the web based content items could be customised, such as:

  • The XML or RSS feed’s hosted web address.
  • The font face, size, style and colour.
  • The padding around images and text.
  • The number of stories and character limitations.
  • An option for stories with pictures taking priority.
  • Randomising of stories – never show the same story twice.
  • The background graphic.

Each of these components could be customised on the fly, meaning the stories could be displayed dependant on the news stories, XML or RSS feed structure and the screen size of the digital signage network. This, with the additional important point, that a network administrator of a digital signage network could also use this software without knowing how to develop software.