ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) for digital signage

I was heavily involved in a pioneering, award winning project that targeted motorists with advertising on a large outdoor screen while they waited at a set of traffic lights.  This was live over multiple locations.

Working with Digital Media Technologies, my direct involvement in the project covered the following:-

  • Develop a set of scripts that interrogated an XML feed from the three ANPR cameras.
  • Creating the Scala Templates that are visible on screen at the various locations based on provided Adobe Photoshop assets.
  • Working with major brands to achieve the required impressions to waiting drivers.
  • Advanced data pattern matching logic to trigger relevant Scala digital signage templates.

One of these projects included targeting vehicles of certain makes, models, colours, age, previous owners to display relevant tailored content to the drivers waiting at the traffic lights.  For example, Toyota Prius drivers were shown adverts for the new Hyundai Ioniq electric car range while waiting at the traffic lights.

I have developed a very flexible, reliable, unique solution that can targeted any vehicle and target them with digital signage content – this solution has been running successfully across various campaigns since June 2016 in London, Newcastle and other locations across the UK.

I am continuing to develop this app and work with other major brands such as Amazon, Renault and Hyundai.