About me

John A CoveJohn Cove can deliver a wide range of unique and professional digital signage, digital media and consultancy services for a variety of companies and clients.

He has vast experience rooted in the commercial digital signage, event production and IT industries, working for over ten years on a plethora of interesting, complex and innovative projects.

Many of John’s clients are impressed with the holistic and comprehensive approach John takes to his work, starting right at the beginning of a project interpreting the brief, developing creative solutions and then going onto implement these products and services successfully, combating any issues or problems along the way head on. Throughout this entire process, John also uses his multi-level skill set to liaise with clients or suppliers, prepare necessary documentation, train staff and generally support the work from a project manager perspective.

This has made John a trusted and professional consultant to many.

Key Skills

Throughout his career, John has gained comprehensive experience and proven commercial application in all areas of digital media, digital signage, IT and computing including:

  • Business development,
  • Software and hardware development,
  • Innovative technical solutions,
  • Project management,
  • Installations,
  • Troubleshooting,
  • Maintenance,
  • Training,
  • People management,
  • Support.

John has a wide range of commercial technical experience, including:

  • Google AdWord campaigns,
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation),
  • Web development (WordPress, Moodle, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, ASP, HTML5, mySQL, MSSQL, XML),
  • Digital signage platforms (Scala, SignageLive, Beabloo, BroadSign, PADS, Navori, Acquire, BrightAuthor and bespoke platforms),
  • Bespoke software development in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (C#.NET, VB.NET),
  • Visual Basic.NET
  •  Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +1) set up and promotion.

Key Project Achievements

One of the earliest projects John worked on in this industry was with the WHSmith Travel and Retail digital signage network. The network spanned over 60 stores in all major airports and railways stations throughout the UK, including Selfridges and AXA’s HQ, and all major USA airports. During this project, John monitored and maintained the digital signage network and then developed additional software solutions for the bespoke digital signage platform. Read more about this project here.

More recently, John acts as Operations Manager and Project Manager for Surgery Media Systems Ltd Dental and GP based digital signage and interactive kiosk network.  He managed the entire project from beginning to end, continually supporting and developing the systems using a wide range of his skills and expertise. Read more about this project here.

John is also the Development Director for Screen Media Technology Ltd where he assumes the role of technical authority for the company. He is regularly involved in all aspects of projects, from design through to installation and development.

Currently, John undertakes consultancy work through his own successful company, J.A.C. Digital Ltd, for numerous clients and projects.

Proven Client Satisfaction

John also has a glowing collection of testimonials from many past and current clients. Read them here.


Feel free to contact John on one of the methods below to discuss a project or opportunity in more details.

Mobile: 07525 134199

Skype: john.cove 

Email: john.cove@jacdigital.co.uk

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/johncove

Google+ page:

Transport for London TfL live feed at Rambert

RambertThe Project

Rambert, once Ballet Rambert and Rambert Dance Company, is a touring contemporary dance company based on the South Bank, London.

A new Scala digital signage installation at Rambert featured a video wall and reception screen.  As part of the Scala content loop on the reception screen, Rambert wanted to feature real time London Underground tube information.  This was achieved by using the TfL module developed by John.  In addition to this module was some additional bespoke developed which allowed Rambert to put their own messages at the bottom of the TfL status through the Scala Content Manager.

The feed is updated in real-time offering up to date London Underground tube network information with useful messages added by Rambert.

Healthcare digital signage installation


The Priory Surgery in High Wycombe have recently undergone an impressive refurbishment.  The surgery uses a healthcare specific digital signage system installed and maintained by J.A.C. Digital Ltd.

John’s Role

As part of the refurbishment, an improved HD LED digital signage screen was installed in their downstairs waiting room, together with two already existing screens in the first floor waiting room.

With advanced power management, through software, the screens throughout the surgery are switched on and off dependant on the surgery’s opening hours throughout the week.

The screen content was also given a refresh with new branded customisable templates.  These templates were added to the web based content management system operated by J.A.C. Digital Ltd and allows the surgery management to communicate with their patients through on-screen messaging.

Features such as the templates, opening hours, surgery details, staff members, content loop ordering etc are managed through a bespoke web based solution developed by J.A.C. Digital Ltd that integrates with the Scala digital signage platform.

Hospitals and doctors’ surgeries have their own unique communications challenges, but deploying healthcare digital signage help healthcare institutions promote their services and communicate with patients and visitors.

priory gp

PayPal payments integration for a web site


Matt provides personal training in the Basingstoke and surrounding areas and was looking to accept payment for his various fitness services via his web site.

Matt required PayPal payments integration for his web site.

John’s Role

Paypal is a popular multi-currency Payment Gateway. Paypal has a free service called Paypal standard, and a premium service called Website Payments Pro.

John integrated various Paypal payment options for Matt onto his web site which mean Matt could offer fast and flexible payments option to his clients.

I have been very impressed with John. Nothing is too much trouble and he continually provides good quality and reliable web based solutions. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services. Matt Smart, owner of Smart Health & Fitness


PayPal Web Site Payment Integration

TfL (Transport for London) live travel status updates for digital signage and web sites


Using the live syndicated feeds directly from TfL (Transport for London), John developed a module that can be seamlessly integrated into any web site or digital signage content loop.

The Project

The module displays the latest TfL transport status updates.

For example, with this post, you can see the live status of the London Underground network. The module displays general status updates for each line, through to detailed information on delays and train arrival and departure times.

The layout can be customised and branded to suit the digital signage network.  Several London based companies are now running a landscape and portrait version on their London based digital signage networks.

The following Digital Signage software packages are compatible with this solution which include but are not limited to Scala, SignageLive, BroadSign, Beabloo, BrightSign, Navori and ONELAN.

Key Achievements

John developed the module so it can be integrated into a web site, or as part of a digital signage content loop. He can also host the module so it is possible to link to it over the Internet from your network.

Please contact John for licensing costs and general enquiries about how the module can be integrated into your next project.

TfL transport status updates

Interfuture Systems Ltd Windows 8 Metro style web development


Interfuture Systems Ltd required a state of the art corporate web site that was Google AdWords and SEO optimised, responsive, expandable, stylish and not one of those typical IT web sites.

John’s Role

John was approached through his existing relationship with Interfuture Systems Ltd to fulfil this project.

He installed WordPress from scratch and web development was required to customised an off-the-shelf WordPress theme and associated plugins to suit Interfuture’s specific requirements.

A fresh approach was taken to the design of the web site to purposely incorporated the style of the Windows 8 operating system with the added interest of a common hot air balloon theme throughout.

The web site is also responsive, which means the standard layout adapts automatically dependant on the smart phone or tablet being used to view.

John Cove was recommended to Interfuture Systems Ltd and this recommendation was very sound. The quality of his consultancy has been exemplary and his approach has been faultless and would certainly recommend him without hesitation.David Williams, Managing Director, Interfuture Systems Ltd


Digital signage content management


enoEnglish National Opera (ENO), London Coliseum is creating the future of opera: presenting award winning work that is new, exciting and surprising.

ENO wanted to raise awareness of current and forthcoming shows with the added requirement to raise awareness of seasonal travelling shows.

Digital signage promises the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time. Effective content management and placement are critical parts of making that happen.

John’s Role

Following a comprehensive site visit and site survey of the London Coliseum, opened in 1904, John undertook the installation of the very latest slimline totems located in key areas. The age of the building and structure was a very important part of the site survey and helped decide the position of the totems in relation to power, comms requirements and dwell areas.


On-going, John remotely content manages the digital screen content and undertakes remote and on-site support and diagnostics where required.

Projector edge blending


John is part of a team who regularly maintains a ceiling mounted Barco RLM-W12 11,500 lumen projector installation consisting of two separate projectors.


John’s Role

As part of the out of hours monthly maintenance schedule of replacing lamps, filters and cleaning is the requirement to edge blend the two separate images from each projector to a single seamless image as above.

This seamless image is displayed against a 5m x 2m piece of vinyl on the wall next to the store’s entrance.

Screen Media Technology Ltd web development and custom WordPress theme


As one of the pioneers in the industry, Screen Media Technology Ltd provides end-to-end technical solutions to meet your specific objectives at retail, bringing together the perfect combination of hardware, software, and content, all designed to maximise brand communication and increase consumer engagement.

John’s Role

John was approached through his existing relationship with Screen Media Technology Ltd to develop an up-to-date company web site and in addition, to implement search engine organic growth, Google AdWords campaigns and social media.

He installed WordPress from scratch, developed a custom WordPress theme to conform with the supplied concepts, populated with supplied copy and imagery and implemented SEO (search engine optimisation).

The web site has automated RSS feed integration which ensures the very latest article from the Retail Technology Lab blog (conceived by Screen Media Technology Ltd) is displayed on the homepage without the need for daily manual updates.

Additional bespoke web development was also required to ensure the web site is fully compatible with all major browsers, smart phones and tablets.

John has a very broad knowledge of technology within the sector and a resourceful and determined approach to satisfying client requirements. Most importantly for my colleagues & I, is that John is that rare breed – a highly technical person that can properly understand the Client’s point of view and communicate clearly whilst avoiding technobabble. Bryan Trafford, Commercial Director, Screen Media Technology Ltd


Screen Media Technology

Microsoft Access optimisation, development and maintenance

Microsoft AccessBackground
A large roofing contractor in South London are running their CRM, estimates and ordering systems using Microsoft Access databases.

They have a requirement for this system to be optimised and on-going maintenance with additional development requirements.

John’s Role

John undertook the optimisation of the existing database system, which was made up of several separate systems:-

  • The efficiently and speed of the system was improved
  • The storage space used by the system was improved by over 70%
  • The GUI (Graphic User Interface) was optimised to improve the usability of the entire system
  • Improved debugging and error trapping throughout
  • Optimised relationships between tables
  • All VBA source code was formatted for easy reading, debugging and continued development
  • Multiple databases for different companies were selectable
  • Fixed and optimised References and Components
  • Optimised layout of forms and arrays
  • Implemented company branding
  • Database files defragmented
  • Review table designs and optimised where required
  • Archived redundant tables, forms and queries
  • Optimisation for reduced query execution times
  • Incorporated version numbering for revision information and tracking

John also undertook additional development requirements required by the client using the Microsoft Access front-end and backend Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

On-going, John supports and maintains the entire database system with monthly maintenance and optimisation procedures.